7 Survival Tips for Music Festivals

Surviving a Music Festival

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It’s no surprise that international Music Festivals are a staple to the bucket list. From experiencing the electric sky from the iconic Electronic Daisy Carnival, TomorrowWorld in the heart of Europe to the Burning Man in the middle of the desert in USA, the on-going list of music festivals making their way to an international scale is crazy!  I mean, who wouldn’t want to experience entering another universe?!  Music Festivals are a recreational event for everyone to create memories with old friends to making memories with new friends, dancing our little hearts out in a place decked out in magical lights and decorations, and to experience a live performance from our favorite artists while interacting with people from all across the world. It’s definitely a very special type of experience.

If you are planning to head to a large scale global music festival sometime this year, there a few things you should expect and consider doing before going! Global music festivals are definitely a whole new world so to help give you a brief idea on what to do and tips on survival when you’re there, continue reading below:

  • 1. The Relentless Line Up at Sunrise

If you are planning on staying all the way till the end of the music festival which is typically till sunrise for big scale events, be prepared for the long line ups to leave the venue which typically results in hoards of zombie like people trying to head back home to sleep!  Be strategic with what time you are planning on leaving the festival. If the last set of the event isn’t someone you’re a crazy huge fan of, try opting to leave earlier to skip the long line. Every second totally counts for big events with thousands and thousands of people doing the same thing as you.

  • 2. The Preparation for the Chilly Breeze at Night

Bring a flannel, it will be worth it at the end. Typically big music festivals such as EDC for example aren’t located at places easily accessible to your hotel. Branching off to the point above, at the end of the event, you are almost guaranteed to wait about 2 hours before actually reaching back home while you are likely dressed in summer attire. If you could tie a light sweater around your waist, I would probably recommend you doing so. Just as long as it’s a throw over you don’t care about getting a bit sweaty!

  • 3. Water will be your New Best Friend

Stay Extremely Hydrated. Music festivals always have access to water. Unlike small festivals where you typically have to purchase your bottled water, at bigger festivals you get unlimited water stations so you’re fully hydrated for the entire day and night! Always remember to keep your water pouches refilled at all times. Best to do your refills before each set so you don’t miss out on anything. Even if you might not feel thirsty at some point from all the dancing, lights, and entertainment, try to mentally remind yourself whenever you can to take a sip of water!

  • 4. You Probably Won’t get to see Everyone’s Live Stage

Big music festivals mean’s more stages, more stages mean’s more artists. More artists mean’s… you guessed it, overlapping set times. Global music festivals can have up to 8 + stages all happening at once! A raver’s worst nightmare? All your favorite artists playing at once… WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE?!  Unfortunately you’ll have to prioritize who you’ll want to see with set overlaps. I personally think it’s a better choice to choose the artists you want to see for their full sets for 1+ hours rather than seeing all of them for probably 20 minutes then running out of the crowds to see the next.  Choose your top picks, don’t worry about the rest and fully enjoy the performance!

  • 5. Don’t Lose Your Tribe, Find a Distinctive Meeting Point!

Bigger Music Festivals = Bigger Crowds. With international music festivals such as EDC, Ultra, and Tomorrowland – the first thing you and your friends should do once you enter in the venue is to scope out the place to find the most outstanding and distinctive meeting point if any of your squad members end up getting lost! Make sure that the meeting point you all agree on is very specific, and I put a huge emphasis on specific! The venue should have some very unique set ups which won’t be hard to find something to set as your meeting point. And even if you do get lost, don’t panic! It’s not the end of the world. You are bound to meet new friends who will be more than willing to help you out or have you jump into their group.

  • 6. The Less the Better

Bringing a bag with you can cost you a couple things, you’re held up in line for a longer time through security check, the annoyance of having your bag bobble up and down smashing against your body every time you jump, and the constant gripping of the extra baggage you’re carrying for the whole entire night. Save yourself the stress and worry and get yourself a travel bra. Store all your necessities like cash, credit cards, keys, I.D, festival passes, and more in the secret pockets in the bra! It has wide shoulder straps for comfort and support when you’re dancing and not to mention it’s totally cute for festival wear!

  • 7. Pace Yourself!

Don’t wear yourself out after Day 1 because the last thing you want to do is miss Day 2 or Day 3 which might happen to be the day your favorite artist is playing!!

Story by Carrie Ly  @carrieproject.

So tell us?  If you’ve been to a great Music Festival lately, drop us a line or come on our podcast – we love to hear your stories!  What’s the best music festival you’ve been to?

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