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Tropical Islands are so much fun!   Magnetic Island off Townsville Queensland Australia, is an absolute treasure.   Magnetic Island is full of little coves and sandy beaches to discover, chilled out cafes and bars, beautiful sunsets and of course lots of friendly people.  We got to meet many of the locals at a friend’s birthday party.   We also got to connect with many old friends, all of whom had come together to celebrate friendship and life. The party went till dawn!

With three days on the island I was able to get back into the water and have fun exploring the sea life. It was blissful and unexpected to discover the variety of coral and fish living on “Maggie” Island.  I spent an hour snorkelling the gorgeous rocky shoreline of Florence Bay, looking down on little sea communities. I experimented with my new waterproof phone case but might leave underwater photography for the professionals (except for my planned upcoming trip to Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia- I’m hoping to get a selfie with a whale shark!).

On our last morning we packed up early and were the first to hit the sand at Arthur Bay. It was a stunning morning with the water as flat as a pancake.   A quick Yoga Salute to the Sun to soak the view in and limber up followed by a few fortifying deep breathes before diving into the cool waters.  I confidently took off swimming to the northern rocky edge of the cove hoping to show Rose a similar abundance of coral and fish I’d seen the day before in the next cove over.   But there was nothing.  I must have got confused with the local intelligence I got at the party the night before.

We decided we should head back to shore as we had a ferry to catch to the mainland.   Thankfully though as we swam back we discovered a huge coral reef smack bang in the middle of the cove that we’d nearly missed.  I had actually swam around it and away from it when I got in the water thinking it was seaweed!   Classic rookie mistake and a lesson in reading the water.

We will definitely come back to Maggie Island to visit again.

3-6 August 2018, on Wulgurukaba People’s country, Magnetic Island.

By Jane Holden

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