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Go Anywhere Travel Nursing – Rachel Sullivan, a Canadian trained nurse working and traveling in Australia talks about how to be a travel nurse, what to look for, why she does it and how she met Sam. Rachel grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada and had never done much overseas traveling, but she had always had the dream of being able to travel as part of her job.  Rachel is now only three years into her nursing career and has already worked in three different countries (Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) and she is starting to check some amazing travel destinations off her bucket list:

“I love the Australian climate and find it a great place for someone who enjoys the outdoors like myself. Surfing, hiking, swimming, snorkeling are some of the daily activities I get to enjoy because I travel nurse in Australia. Another thing that draws me to Australia is the incredible job opportunities as well!
My boyfriend, Sam Martin, and I have developed Go Anywhere Nursing (www.goanywheretravelnursing.com), a travel nursing blog assisting other nurses to take their career travelling, and a platform for us to share our travelling experiences with others. We aim to inspire other nurses to travel and help facilitate them through the process of being a travel nurse (gaining registration internationally, figuring out immigration, to finding a job etc.).”

Registration:  https://www.goanywheretravelnursing.com/travel-nursing-blog/getting-registered-to-nurse-in-australia-as-an-internationally-trained-nurse/

Immigration: https://www.goanywheretravelnursing.com/travel-nursing-blog/australian-immigration-for-nurses/

Finding a job: https://www.goanywheretravelnursing.com/travel-nursing-blog/picking-a-travel-nursing-agency/

“Sam is Australian and shares my passion for travel and adventure. We met in Hervey Bay, Australia in February 2016, where we were both fresh to the travel nursing scene and completing our first remote and rural contracts. We have since worked in several locations on the east coast of Australia and in New Zealand. We are taking a trip to North America over the holidays and planning to head to the west coast of Australia on our return, to explore the remote and vast state of Western Australia as travel nurses. We’re excited for everything to come and looking forward to sharing our adventures with you!”

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