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I love putting food on a table to share with others. Being able to look in the fridge and cupboard and just whip something up that tastes good requires a little more effort when you’re driving all day on the road and just stopping for the evening camp.

Whereas Rose would be content with a cuppa soup every night, I’m in need of more than just a functional filling of the belly.

A daily afternoon conversation is meal planning and most days it’s a tug of war between simplicity and taste.

But last night I think we struck the perfect balance with an old Aussie classic Curried Eggs and Toast. Yum!


Keens curry powder, boiled eggs (2 per person), milk, flour, rehydrated peas and spinach, toast.


1.boil eggs in one pot other pot make a pot make a paste of flour, curry powder and dash of milk and mix together and then add in enough milk    to cover eggs and veges. Stir and add in veges.

3. Simmer for 5 minutes

4. Slice up boiled eggs and add.

5 let stand off heat and soak up flavour as long as you can resist and while you cook some toast.

walaa! Tasty and simple.

By Jane Holden


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