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Healing for widows

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Ute’s world fell apart when her fiancé died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 50.  Inspired by her own healing journey Ute gave up her career in management consultancy to set up luxury retreat holidays in beautiful locations in Scotland and France for widows and widowers creating safe spaces for widows to just be, take care and learn to enjoy life again. Originally from Germany, Ute has been living in Scotland for over 20 years –

“I fell in love with Scotland instantly the very first time I visited – the scenery, the people, the creative buzz. Scotland is home for me, it’s where my heart is.”
“When I lost the person most close to me, my soulmate and traveling companion, I turned from being a confident traveler into an anxious scaredy-cat. I’ve learned that being in the company of people who really understand – who are in the same situation or have been there – really helped me.   When I took time to just be it was scary as I didn’t know what would well up inside me. But I eventually learnt how to to just go with the flow and observe how it feels.  That was the key to my healing.”

“My journey inspired me to help others in my situation.  Widowed people often forget to look after themselves properly so I set out to create breaks as reminders that life is still worth living to the full!”

Ute has kindly created a special offer for Love Everything Travel listeners. Use code LOVETRAVEL18 to receive £100 off the Soul Spa package price.  For more information on Ute’s beautiful Soul Spas go to  Ute’s bereavement retreats are held in places like the Hebridean Wildscapes on the Isle of Mull, Scotland Isle of Arran, Scotland and even in Saint-Lizier, Ariége, France

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Ute has kindly provided some tips for new widows to help you care for yourself in the wake of a loss.

Click here for Ute’s advice for self- care for new widows.

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