Visiting Thailand: your guide to the best street food

Your guide to the best street food

Thailand Street Food Love Everything Travel

When travelling, street food is my big indulgence and some of the most amazing street food is in Thailand. With so many delectable dishes being cooked up and served on the streets, it makes perfect sense to grab your meals on the go – and here are just some of the many examples of the finest Thai food available.

Kuay teow

Arguably one of the most popular street food dishes in the country, kuay teow is the collective name for the abundance of different noodle soups served in Thailand. They’re undeniably diverse but always delicious, served as either rice or egg noodles with tons of different ingredients from pork to meatballs.

If you’re looking for a hearty dish, this should be your first choice – vendors serve it up hot and flavoursome, often topping the noodles off with sugar, lime juice, fish sauce and dried chillies to give it that added spice.


 Southeast Asia as a whole has embraced roti as one of the most popular street foods, but Thailand arguably offers the very best of them all. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, it’s the dish for you – bananas and condensed milk or chocolate sauce are covered in a dough not too dissimilar to a crepe or pancake.

Roti makes for a perfect quick bite or a treat after your main meal, as it’s both cheap and tasty. Best of all, it isn’t hard to find – its popularity means you’ll find it pretty much anywhere. Just make sure you’re choosing a good vendor.

 Pad see ew

Popular around the world as one of the primary Thai dishes, pad see ew is a hearty, filling noodle dish that remains one of the street food staples in the country. With a Chinese influence, this meal is essentially noodles stir fried in soy sauce and served with a variety of toppings – but it’s usually chicken and broccoli, alongside a bunch of seasoning.

It’s an incredibly popular dish, as it’s cheap and filling – not to mention absolutely delicious. It’s also healthy, and although pad thai is a much more common dish as recommended by 1Cover, pad see ew is considerably better for you.

Gai tod

 Everyone loves a piece of fried chicken. And nowhere does it better than Thailand – gai tod is their own version of the dish, with chicken fried in fish and soy sauces and served with fried garlic and chilli sauce.

The texture is crispy but soft, and the chicken is always succulent and flavoursome – for a quick bite, it doesn’t get much better than gai tod.

Poh pia tod

Despite spring rolls often being thought of as a traditionally Chinese dish, the Thai version is just as – if not more – delectable. Poh pia tod uses beanthread noodles alongside a variety of vegetables, wrapped in a crispy roll and served with a renowned plum chilli sauce.

Poh pia tod makes for the perfect quick bite if you’re in a rush, serving as one of Thailand’s most popular and delicious street food dishes.

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